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Summer in St Augustine


Every summer it is hot and humid.  The tourists will our streets and beaches from all over the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceana continents. Some save a lifetime to come to visit our country, our state and our city. After all, when you visit, you will see the influences of those explorers who came to conquer La Florida.  The Spanish, the English, and the French.  The influences are seen in the street names, homes and other architectural structures in our city. It is well worth the trip.  I came in 1993 and felt that I was to live here, not in Australia, New York or Connecticut, all options that I considered.  It was here in this gorgeous, old and new, friendly place.  We have everything any one could want but snow and mountains!  I hope you will come and check us out. Click here for a cool Vimeo.

31 years as a Realtor


In 1988, I became a REALTOR in Albany, NY and then moved to St Augustine, Fl in 1993.  I was a special education teacher with a Master of Science degree and loved it, but when it came time to have my children, I felt a change was in order.  I love architecture and I am a person who likes people with all the wonderful diversity they encompass. To become a REALTOR was a gift. I am still a teacher, just with a very different curriculum content.  I chose to be a single agent or it is also called a Buyers agent and or Sellers agent. I am at my best when helping by sharing my expertise and therefore, giving advice.  I feel that is my job, full representation.  Ask most Realtors in Florida if they truly understand that as a Transaction agent, they legally and ethically should not give advice as there is no fiduciary relationship. All of our office agents are Realtors and single agents with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty! Go with the best!!!

Summer is here!


In Summer, St Augustine is always crowded with tourists in the historic area and I know that they are here during the hottest time of year because this is typically when most Americans and Europeans take holiday.  I am thankful for those people who come to see and experience our wonderful area for the history, art galleries and the white sandy beach, etc.  I have actually been asked what it is like to live in a tourist town.  Honestly, it does not feel like a tourist town to me.

Locals are out enjoying the same sites as the tourists.  The city takes extreme care in maintaining the beauty, safety and cleanliness year round for all to enjoy.  I love our year round diversity.  We have many ethic businesses open here, from Brazilian, African to Portuguese food and then so many more to mention. In the need for entertainment?  We have night clubs with comedy or live music and dancing. If you like salsa, we got that.  We have rock, jazz, latin, folk and pop performers every night of the week.  

We have over 65 art galleries in the historic area, north of town and on the island.  Not to fail to mention history.  Do you know that most Americans can not tell you what is the oldest city in the US?  St Augustine has that covered.  We have museums scattered throughout the historic area.  We have a Civil War museum, Pirate museum, Oldest house museum, the Castillo De San Marcos and we have all the 1880's structures built by the railroad tycoon, Henry Flagler.  Did you know that in Flagler college's dining room, you can see the largest collection of Tiffany glass in the United States?  Well worth the tour which is every day but Sunday!

Some one said I could be taking all this wonderfulness for granted after 24 years here, but I can tell you, no way.  The beach changes by the hour, there are new people to meet every day and I am surrounded by simply best weather and even greater people.  I love St Augustine.

After the Hurricane


It takes a Village to save a small historic town after a major hurricane.  Hurricane Matthew was a devastating blow to home owners who owned or rented homes near the river that were built with an out of date building code, more specifically speaking the first floor elevation of 8'.  Nature dealt such a severe blow due to its' arrival time, it was high tide and the waxing toward a full moon increased its' severity.  The flooding of homes and businesses was due to the surge of the river.  There were 4' of water in some homes here and over 550,000 cu. ft. of debris occurred in the areas of Davis Shores, Treasure beach and other neighborhoods adjacent to the river that were built before 1990.  Here is a video from a local representative from his FB page.  Click here to see debris and click here for flooding in the historic district.

I have always instructed all my buyers over my 23 years as a Realtor here to buy Flood insurance, especially in low lying areas and on Anastasia island.  FEMA has been here and in some cases, home owners have learned that it could take many months to be reimbursed and few home owners have the deductable needed to be paid to begin the work. It will be at least February before most of the residents will have their homes ready to move back in and continue with life.

The City and County worked together with local churches and private citizens to help those in need of food, clothing, temporary housing and to remove water sogged possessions and sheetrock, etc to the curb. As of today, 5 weeks later, the debris is gone from the curb, houses are being repaired and the community has become more united.

The Nights of Lights was joyous event in the past but this year, it was so much more.  Residents came out to share the joy of the season and for every one, it was an uplifting evening for all.  We needed it. Here is my favorite night of the year. Click here.

Have a lovely peace filled holiday.  My kind regards always, ~Shelley

17 Times St Augustine left you speechless.



I saw this link on Facebook today and thought how often I think of all these 17 sites and better yet, when I am experiencing all these gorgeous moments in St. Augustine.

I can honestly say that I thank St Augustine for being what it is every day.  Beautiful landscapes, rising sun each morning over my ocean and sunsets over my river view, driving downtown in the early hours or late at night, when the historic district is quiet, silent even for the exception of the waves from the inlet or birds chirping in the morning and finally, the people.  Such open friendly faces that smile and say hello!  I love my St Augustine.

To see the link above, you will have to copy and paste it to your browser.

Village of Vilano


St. Augustine's Village of Villano's ocean front and intracoastal front community has it all! This makes this community very popular.  When a listing of a home comes on the market, buyers with an interest know it is now or wait for another.  It is not a seller's market yet, but that time is coming especially today when supply is at an all time low.  

Thankful to the internet and the fact that I am a Buyers agent, or a single agent, my customers benefit from my experience and advice.  A traditional transaction agent can not legally give advice!  They have customers and I have clients!

I am presently marketing to the owners in this community in the hopes that I will find one home for a very good client!

If you have a particular wish for a neighborhood, let me know and I will pursue one for you and I will register your wish lists on my site on your Property watch link so you will not miss a "just listed" property.

Click here to to see why this community is so very popular!

New 55+ community in St Augustine


Just a Heads up… The Villages of Seloy has become one of my company's newest listings, new ownership, new contractor, and new marketing.  The first phase will have 40 units and 16 of those units will be ready for sale over the next 45 days.

They are duplex and 4 plex units.  The square foot range are 1500 to 1876 sqft.  The prices begin at $250,000 for a base unit and this is a very nicely done development.  The clubhouse and pool are completed in this upscale gated community.

Located on SR 16 and convenient to I 95.  The link is planned for release by months end.  I will place it on my blog, on my website and in my monthly newsletter when released.  I do feel that these will go very quickly due to the great need in St Augustine.

Please feel free to call or email me so we can arrange a visit


The 450th Celebration was simply perfect!


The Facebook page for the updates:

This is such a complete collection of videos and events.  In case you were not here and would like to see what was happening all over our Oldest city, this is where you need to go.  I was impressed and very thank filled to live here and have it all go with out a hitch!


The 450th celebration is almost here…count down begins


I could go on and on about the events planned, but Old City Life Magazine does a much better job!  Here is the link.

Click here.

St Augustine


It seems that weekly our beautiful town is making headlines across the world.

Here are 2 sites that you may be interested in viewing.

Most gorgeous photos of St Augustine

Here is the events page for the weekend long celebration of our 450th birthday update.

Events planned for the 450th birthday of St Augustine


Hotels and motels and are being booked now, many no vacancies are being posted on line for these dates…Just an FYI!


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