Historical Downtown St Augustine,

Founded in 1565, St. Augustine is affectionately known as "the Oldest City." The Spanish settlement that is now the business center of St. Johns County was founded 42 years before the English colonized Jamestown and 55 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.  St. Augustine abounds with an astounding array of historic sites and buildings.  The oldest residential street in St. Augustine is Aviles St and a simple stroll from King St to St Francis Street will surely take you back!

St. Augustine has more than 40 festivals each each, we have approximately 85 art galleries and the historical re-enactors take you back to the early days when St. Augustine was settled by the British, French or Spanish.  

The architecture of St. Augustine was influenced by the first of settlers to La Florita.  There remains several structures influenced by France, Spain and England.  Here is a link to a very nice video of St Augustine. Click here.

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