My Personal referrals...I first wish to say that St Augustine has many wonderful professionals in all service industries.  I have been asked by hundreds over the past 18 plus years, "Who do I use?"  The time has come to share these wonderful, professionals with you, if you wish.  All I ask is that you let them know that I appreciate them.


Family physician: Dr. Todd Battenhorst  904 826 3469

Gastro interologist/colon: Dr. Bill Foody  904 829 9557

Gynecologist:  Dr. Susan Yarian  904 819 1823

Pediatrician:  Dr. Miguel Mas  904 461 1560

Dentist:  Dr Bert Tavary  904 824 3540

Allergist: Dr Juan Mas


Home Inspectors:


Sunspections:  Greg Strump 904